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Energy management is complex and is becoming more and more a strategic challenge. Energy efficiency is a key performance criterion of industrial units around the world which requires an increase in sourcing cost scrutiny. A common understanding between operations, procurement, and finance is vital to achieve that goal. Do you need user friendly reporting tools for advanced risk management and easier decision making?

Our energy management software allows you to manage and optimize your energy use in an effective way. Our clients are using our software solutions in over 400 plants worldwide and have achieved significant savings in their energy bills, up to twenty percent.

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Our software brings together market insights and advanced energy efficiency tools. It provides active monitoring of available supply options and opportunities for risk management and savings.

Our products pull in facility and energy data, market and grid information, and contractual agreements. Our customers get global reporting, advanced analytics, and actionable intelligence.


icon-group Services

Our services are uniquely structured to meet your energy management needs. We offer the right mix of people, skills, building on the know-how, and experience of real project execution.

We provide services for energy management software development and integration, as well as related business consulting per request. We also organize targeted training sessions throughout the world.


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We continuously strive to exceed our client’s expectations by focusing on quality, budget, and schedule. Our customer support team is key in providing that outstanding level of service.

Looking for assistance? Our experts are just one-click away and happy to help. Our helpdesk portal is there to make sure our customers get accurate and timely responses.

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