Training Services

Training Services

Energy Management Training

Knowledge is power. In order to incorporate the energy management system into your company’s overall strategic plan it is important to have a complete understanding of how energy management works, both from a business and technical perspective. You will want to be able to understand the market data, price forecasts, risk analysis, and other reports involved with energy procurement. You will also want to be able to understand how the system operates technically and how it is incorporated with your legacy system. This will allow for better knowledge of all your sites’ energy consumption. Our training services can do this for you.

Our team can provide for you a comprehensive training services that will teach you the skills you need to succeed with our energy management system. We offer training starting on a basic level and can work up to an expert level as well. Our skilled trainers will present information in the context of your business in order to make the system even more customized, making the content more relatable, memorable, and efficient.


Sustainability Training by Durapole

Brought to you through one of our partners, Durapole, we are able to provide informational training on the effectiveness of various energy sources and their sustainability. The training covers energy commodities such as coal, oil, natural gas, water, wind, solar, etc. and discusses the benefits and negatives of each factor and their sustainability. The trainings also explore multiple business channels and their environmental impact like waste, climate, farming, and software to name a few. The trainings are free and accessible online  through the Durapole website, just click the button below or the image to the right to get started. At this time the trainings are only provided in French, but English and other languages will be available soon.

Sustainable City by Durapole

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