Technology services

Technology services

Technology Services that Drive Energy Efficiency

We provide the resources required to setup an efficient energy management system that fits our customers’ specific needs:

  • Project management
  • Design and specification of energy systems
  • Implementation service
  • Integration with third-party providers
  • Leveraging emerging technologies

Project Management

A well-driven implementation requires realistic scope, timing and budget estimates, good coordination and communication between all parties involved in the project, as well as smooth and accurate reporting. Our consultants use the PMP methodology to drive their project and ensure successful completion.

Design of Energy Systems

Together with our customers’ teams, we are able to define detailed functional and technical specifications relative to energy management systems. From hardware requirements to energy business requirements via software architecture design, our teams are able to understand what you expect from an energy system and how likely they are to evolve. This is especially important as energy markets are evolving a lot and you don’t want your solution to be out of date as soon as it is released. No one should have to develop several versions before getting something to work.

Implementation Services

Our teams can prototype quickly to get your feedback and make sure you will get features that work. Once the scope is agreed, we implement and deploy much more quickly and accurately than any standard software vendor thanks to our unrivaled energy framework,

Integration with Third-Party Providers

Many services are provided by external providers. We are used to integrate information from market data vendors or metering systems. We can link to Energy Trading Management Systems (ETRM) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools such as SAP. We can also communicate with the outside world, such as energy suppliers, exchanges or grid operators. Chances are that we have an already available connector for your use case. If not, we can develop it for you.

Leveraging Emerging Technologies

Some technologies are able to provide significant competitive advantage compared to more legacy solutions. Smart metering solutions enable real-time insights of consumption. Predictive analytics can be used to generate better decision making and enable previously unthinkable business scenarios. Based on energy prices and your own industrial assets, it is possible to proactively win from market opportunities. As an example, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) can trigger economic conditions based on instantaneous spreads between different fuels.


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