Energy Services

Energy Services

Comprehensive Energy Management Solutions

We provide services that help take better energy decisions:

  • Energy efficiency / ISO 50001
  • Energy procurement and negotiation
  • Energy operations
  • Energy risk analysis
  • Compliance with energy regulations

As an independent energy advisor, we do not represent the interests of any third-party entity. We always put our clients’ interest forward and make sure they get the best possible energy services that solve their problems.


Energy efficiency / ISO 50001

The first step in energy optimization is to implement a clear methodology for energy measurement and how to define efficiency indicators. Many businesses already have tools in place at site level. However global efficiency can only be achieved if consistent metrics are used throughout the organization. This is what the ISO 50001 standard provides to energy management. Organizations define how energy efficiency should be achieved over time, using a Plan-Do-Check-Act approach. Further implementation details can be achieved thanks to frameworks such as IPMVP or SEP that help measure and verify energy efficiency.

Evolution Energie is part of the ISO comittee and provides guidance on how to best integrate those tools into your global strategy. Our customers get the benefit of a simplified certification, as well as bonifications of their energy reduction certificates.

Energy Procurement and Negotiation

Energy procurement requires a clear understanding of your business objectives and risk profile. Those requirements need to be defined and accepted at executive level into an energy supply strategy plan. Once this is achieved, Evolution Energie is able to solicit bids from qualified energy suppliers. We are able to provide consistent benchmarking of suppliers offers and provide an independent risk assessment. Obtaining a competitive price alone does not ensure a successful purchase. We also provide negotiation support to our customers, in cooperation with their energy managers and legal staff. We have an outstanding record of securing optimal pricing and contract terms on behalf of our customers while taking into account their operational constraints.

Energy Operations

Depending on national or local financial support for such initiatives, our customers might consider enrolling into demand response schemes. However, it requires careful evaluation of whether our customer’s operational process is compatible with the grid demands. Energy balancing is another financially interesting system as long as energy consumption can be reasonably forecasted. We support most power and natural gas balancing requirements and can advise on whether our clients can gain from it. Some customers are directly linked to energy markets, so as to fully structure their energy purchases.

Those programs usually lead to significant cost reduction and risk mitigation. However, they require proactive energy operations and usually much more resources to follow real-time dispatching requirements and physical constraints from plants. Our software tools provide support for energy teams to match those pre-requisites and benefit from energy optimizations.

Energy Risk Analysis

Energy is a complex matter as markets are highly volatile. The trade-off between budget risk and market risk needs to be fully understood. Depending on your strategy, contracts can use different pricing schemes, either fixed or moving (spot based or indexed). Some events might also trigger specific valuation conditions. Therefore pricing those formulas requires advanced mathematical simulations. Sound hedging strategies need to take into account both the energy variable costs and the bigger picture of what is sold by the company. Our experts will help define and compute those risk metrics, as well as provide qualitative guidance on how to best deal with those risks.

Compliance with Energy Regulations

As energy markets develop, so do energy regulations. It is most important that our customers are regularly updated on how EMIR, REMIT, MIFID and other burdensome acronyms impact their business and how they can setup pragmatic ways to deal with those requirements.


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