End-to-End Energy Management Services

Your energy strategy will be most efficient when it is closely integrated into your overall strategic plan. As an example, energy efficiency initiatives can help improve the accuracy of the consumption planning necessary for a block purchasing strategy; creating a physical hedge through a demand response scheme can be used to your advantage when negotiating with suppliers; managing your own energy balance on the network might also ease the financial cost significantly. This requires operations, energy procurement, and finance to work in close relationship. However, getting the conditions that match your budget and strategic goals can be  complex, time-consuming work. Most businesses find it essential to have a specialized partner working with them. This is where we can help.

We will get you fully understand how your energy usage, industrial assets, and business objectives work together to setup your strategic energy plan. We will help you consider the trade-offs required for efficient execution of your plan and the risks involved. We can assist you through the full cycle of energy procurement and negotiation with suppliers. Over time, the energy strategy is best executed when it is embedded as an organizational asset. Demand response schemes require a deep integration between sites and energy managers; energy risk management should include energy procurement and the financial department etc… Our energy services are complemented by focused trainings and support information systems. The objective is to build and leverage the know-how of your teams over the long run. Our experience and track record of driving sustainable competitive advantage through energy management is a distinct advantage of partnering with us.

Energy services

Our business consultants are experts who provide practical solutions to energy issues through our software. They are able to design and implement methods and processes to match corporate strategic targets. At an operational level, they can assist our customers with their day-to-day energy procurement and hedging. They can also setup usable reporting for top management follow-up.

Technology services

Our technology consultants help you implement energy management systems that work. They maximize the value of your legacy environment and leverage emerging technologies, such as smart grids, everything-as-a-service or predictive analytics. They carry out project planning, implementation, and deployment so that quality, budget, and timeline objectives are met.

Training services

Our trainers provide high-value business and technical energy management courses. They leverage on your corporate identity in order to help us customize pertinent and efficient training programmes worldwide. They design targeted and operational content for all levels in energy and sustainability subjects, ranging from beginner to expert.



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