Smartinergy: Gateway to energy efficiency


The Gateway to Energy Efficiency

SMARTINERGY is a comprehensive, standards-based integration platform that can be configured with any combination of components for a customized energy software footprint. It strictly adheres to industry standards related to energy data communication between partners and systems. It requires minimal proprietary knowledge and leverages secure and efficient messaging channels.

SMARTINERGY reduces operational costs, by leveraging existing systems and automating manual processes. Examples include meter data management or invoice checking, which are often error-prone and time-consuming tasks that can be automated.

Most importantly, SMARTINERGY increases agility to meet dynamic business needs, including new opportunities on energy markets. It provides support for a corporate energy use and costs monitoring  and serves as a gateway to energy efficiency management.


Use cases

Consolidate energy data

Collect consumption from meters. Consolidate information from various industrial automation systems such as SCADA, OPC or Profinet. Get real-time energy prices from exchanges and brokers. Integrate those data into your energy management system. Transform those data into meaningful actions.

Get involved into Demand Response

Demand response programs provide incentives to decrease electricity consumption or shift it from on-peak to off-peak periods. We provide communication workflows between energy managers and plant operations and align price signals with your production constraints.

Automate energy balancing

An important part of your sourcing cost relates to the level of risk you represent for the transport operator. You may benefit from lower energy costs by making more predictable consumption forecasts. Our automated systems allow short term nominations and longer term capacity planning.

Manage energy deals

Get connected to energy markets, grid operators and energy suppliers. Communicate with major players, manage your orders and compute your portfolio value. Get alerts and check risk levels when opportunities occur. Get a confirmation of your deal and integrate back-office operations.

Store energy content

Store energy content such as contracts, invoices, confirmations and reports into a centralized content management system. We leverage any system your company is using, such as Sharepoint or OpenText. This simplifies the certification of your energy management to the ISO 50001 standard.

Leverage your energy systems

Integration between systems is notoriously time consuming and many projects fail to deliver. SMARTINERGY allows messaging and integration between internal and/or external systems. We use open standards and connectors to enterprise solutions such as SAP or trading systems.


Guaranted message delivery

SMARTINERGY includes a real-time message broker and supports STOMP, AMQP, MQTT, Openwire and WebSockets. Messages can be delivered synchronously or whenever possible.

Multi-standard support

SMARTINERGY allows communication from and to many different systems using open standards, such as HTTP, HTTPS, XML, AS2 or CMIS to name a few.


Security is a first class citizen in the framework, with SSL and LDAP/AD support. The system is built to scale and supports efficient load-balancing.

Energy protocols

SMARTINERGY provides native implementation of energy management protocols such as EDIGAS, ENTSO-E or OpenADR, which are required for energy balancing or demand response schemes.

Enterprise integration patterns

SMARTINERGY supports enterprise integration patterns that simplify communication between systems. You can define message workflow and processing to match your specific requirements.

Enterprise connectors

Many out-of-the-box interfaces to enterprise solutions such as SAP or data warehouses are available. This enables the integration of energy reporting into your global reporting tools.


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