Energy Risk Framework

Making decisions concerning your company’s energy procurement can be difficult. Decision making is even more a challenge when dealing with uncertainty, with variability in energy prices, volumes, and resources. Risk analysis is a critical step in choosing the best alternative for your energy acquisitions.  QUANTINERGY supplies you with the necessary tools in order to make optimal energy decisions, combining advanced, theory based simulation with up-to-speed market data to provide profitable outcomes.

QUANTINERGY offers accurate prediction tools such as price modeling and risk analytics for thought-out decision making. The software also values your consumption profiles, predicting future consumption patterns and costs. These processes are optimized due to a simplified, user-friendly platform. QUANTINERGY completes your company’s energy management system, making it a fully rounded and effective program.




Price Modeling

QUANTINERGY utilizes forward curve modeling in order to represent future prices in which energy markets will be willing to conduct business today. By incorporating information from historic price patterns, data providers, exchanges, and suppliers you will be able to forecast prices on multiple levels, from hourly to month-ahead . This will simplify decision making allow you to choose the best energy solution for your situation.

Risk Analytics

Monte Carlo simulation is a computerized mathematical simulation that allows you to see all possible decision alternatives and their associated risk impacts, enabling you to make more informed decisions. QUANTINERGY employs this and also Value at Risk to explain the probability of how much your company plans to lose from a certain transaction for a specified time period, as well as what-if analysis (Sensitivity analysis) to supply probable outcomes from historic data and estimations.


Portfolio Valuation

QUANTINERGY assists in analyzing and evaluating your company’s portfolios, reporting both costs and volumes at all of your company’s production sites. From this data the software will then be able to make insightful predictions about your portfolios’ future consumption volumes and costs . This will aid in many different operational and financial areas such as asset optimization, budget planning, and financial reporting to name a few. The program also allows for reporting in multiple currency or can transform to a common currency for even easier reporting.

Process Optimization

Price modeling requires a large amount of data from multiple sources, Risk analytics uses complex mathematical algorithms and simulation, and portfolio valuation is difficult given the number and location of sites and commodities your company has. All of these necessary practices would be very difficult, if not impossible without software. QUANTINERGY optimizes these processes by clearing up multiple pages of spread sheets and making quick, time-saving calculations which are normally burdensome and error prone. Using customer-defined specifications get the results you need efficiently.


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