Software Solutions for Energy Management

As energy markets develop, decision making is becoming more complex. Costs are indexed on moving prices and depend on the actual consumption profile. Each country has its own set of rules, tariffs, and balancing regimes. This makes it very difficult for industrial companies to actually manage their variable sourcing costs. Still, risks and compliance are required to be checked against the approved corporate targets. Global reporting needs to be consolidated from all sites, so that appropriate actions are taken.

Those challenges make it very hard to work with excel spreadsheets, as most organizations currently do. At Evolution Energie, we believe it is no longer possible to spend so much time relying on manual and error prone processes. We also believe it is much better to adopt and improve your industry’s best practices. The objective is to focus on strategic issues and proactively capture opportunities.

We therefore provide the tools required to put your energy into work. We automate metering data collection on industrial sites and integrate with operational plannings. Energy managers can monitor the consumption and market prices ; they follow-up contractual agreements and costs ; they generate budgetary estimates and risk scenarios. This saves each our customers tens of millions of dollars every year because they have streamlined their activities and optimized their energy.


Our products

FLEXINERGY – Energy Management


FLEXINERGY is an Industrial Energy Management System (IEMS).  It enables reporting and planning of volumes and costs for all your production and consumption sites. It also provides intraday and day-ahead monitoring and optimization.

FLEXINERGY helps optimize energy efficiency and costs while still meeting the demands of production.


SMARTINERGY – Energy Gateway


SMARTINERGY is dedicated to energy messaging and enterprise integration. It automatically collects consumption data from metering infrastructure such as SCADA or OPC systems. We have connectors to internal data warehouse or ERP systems.

SMARTINERGY provides standard connectivity to market data providers, suppliers, grid operators, and exchanges.




QUANTINERGY provides predictive analytics to help energy decision making. It uses simulation and optimization techniques to incorporate real life complexity of industrial operations and market dynamics in useful results.

QUANTINERGY analyses consumption profiles, forecasts energy prices, value deals, and optimizes your energy portfolio.



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