Mission: Meet the energy challenges


What We Do

We provide energy software for businesses and utility intensive organizations.

Evolution Energie was founded in response to energy intensive industries’ need to handle the challenges of the energy markets.

We deliver the tools and services that procurement and finance departments need to manage their commodity portfolio throughout the world. We regularly update our system to match new energy requirements and regulations.

Our solutions are deployed on hundreds of sites in the world, for the most demanding industries.

Mission: Meet the Energy Challenges

Energy markets are evolving extremely fast, creating both uncertainty and new business opportunities for energy consumers. As an example, the price of oil is very volatile and dependent on many different factors: economic demand, anticipation of resources depletion, foreign exchange markets, geopolitical issues, OPEC decisions, regulatory changes to name a few. Many profound changes also affect power and gas consumers. Examples include liberalization of the electricity and gas wholesale and retail markets, convergence between electricity and gas supply, progressively constrictive legal obligations related to emissions, renewable energy, and energy efficiency.

Businesses are variously impacted and need to analyze the impact on their value chain in order to secure their operational margin. As energy cost rise dramatically in proportion to total costs in the last ten years, it has become a strategic issue for many enterprises. When prices are so volatile, what is a good buying price? How can an industrial gain visibility on a cost that may hinder its solvability at some point in the future? How can such a complex domain be handled operationally on a day to day basis?

Our mission is therefore to help our customers actively manage their energy resources with the right tools and methods. The result of this approach is a clear decision framework, a more effective usage of energy resources and a competitive advantage that fosters value creation.


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