Why complete an internship?

In today’s competitive job market, in-field experience is a necessity to securing employment. Employers are searching for people that are motivated and capable and an internship is a great way to obtain and strengthen these skills. Many universities also require an internship now as part of a graduation requirement.  At Evolution Energie, we believe that an internship is meant to be beneficial for both the company and the intern. We want you to get the type of experience and training from your internship that you seek as well as leverage your talents to make positive contributions to our company. There are two main types of internships offered, covering a number of fields.


Professional Internship

These full-time internships are offered to individuals who are currently enrolled in or have completed a graduate program in fields relating to computer programming, software design, etc. The internship usually lasts longer than traditional internships ranging from 4 to 8 months and offers the potential to be extended to a full time position.

Collegiate Internship

Recently we have opened up full-time internship positions to undergraduate or graduate level students. These internships are offered in fields such as marketing, communications, advertising, business development, and economics. These internships are a little bit shorter, making them ideal for a summer with a placement between 2-4 months.


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