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Evolution Energie is part of the Paris Cleantech Incubator at Paris Region Innovation North Express Eighteenth.

Having a place in the Cleantech incubator provides a safe environment for young companies working in the green, new materials, or energy sectors. The building hosts several other incubators in fields such as New Media, Video Games, and Digital Technology, enabling networking with companies with similar themes. The space, which is home to 51 companies, allows the pooling of knowledge and resources as well as the sharing of ideas and experiences between company leaders and employees which can be a powerful resource. For more information regarding Paris Region Lab and incubators click on the button below.

Paris Region Lab

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Need a quick break from work? No problem! Visit the rooftop terrace and relax for a minuet.  Grab a coffee with a co-worker, work on your laptop in the fresh air, or eat lunch in the sunshine. Take a minute for yourself, you deserve it!

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No cubicles here! Our open concept office makes it easy to gain insight from your colleagues and stay up to date on what is going on within the company. Our flash training will let you know what everyone is working on to keep you informed.

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Find out what's happening, right now, with the people and organizations around Evolution Energie

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